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Good Money after BAD!

During 2013 at a very LARGE garden expo I started chatting with the owner of one of the displays about our Western Red Cedar Shakes.

The owner appeared very impressed when I outlined all the wonderful characteristics of Cedar Shakes e.g longevity 25 years +, minimal maintenance, hail proof beautiful etc. Then almost immediately they commented "you're doing yourself out of repeat business by having such a long lasting and good product".

The comment floored me for a wee second, mainly by it's lack of vision but also by it's apparent lack of integrity with regards to what the consumer is being offered in today's market by almost all suppliers.

So many products offer "lifetime warranties" which once the you read the small print are virtually worthless anyway.

I must admit though that in today's "throw away" society we all seem to be happy to throw good money after bad on poorly constructed, designed and developed goods and services. Unfortunately for all of us there appears to be a neverending supply of "plastic fantastic" to fulfil the desire for a cheap and quick fix.

Several roofing businesses (mainly iron and concrete tile roofs) have made similar comments. Their businesses are built on repeat business.

Our business is also built on repeat business AND referral business. We want to be in business for longer than twenty years and on the basis of quality products and service.

Longer Lasting ... Natural Beauty ... Cedar Roofing

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