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Cedar Roofing are fully licensed roofers for ALL roofing types and we specialise in:


Western Red Cedar / Metal Roofing / Green Roofing / Roofing Membranes / StormSeal


Based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and covering Australia.  Cedar Roofing are proud to be providing Australia with natural and environmental roofing choices that out-perform and out last many other options.


We source Premium Grade Western Red Cedar at wholesale prices, direct from the mill for Supply and Fit or Supply Only.


We will help you select the right cut and/or style of Cedar Shakes or Shingles, Slate or Green roofing system for your individual roof, no matter the size or shape.

Cedar Roofing have learnt over 25 years of roofing that quality is NOT expensive and good craftsmanship is NOT expendable.  A quality roof demands quality craftmanship.  Give yourself the roof you deserve!

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Natural Ventilation and Insulation

—The essential benefit to you of a Western Red Cedar roof is that you will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, greatly increasing your comfort level and reducing your heating and cooling energy requirements!


Western Red Cedar has a unique cellular composition that provides a natural insulation resistance.  The rating ranges from 1 to > 1.6 (depending on the cut) versus other common manufactured roofing products of <0.1 (metal) to 0.6 (asphalt shingles).  


Western Red Cedar is dimensionally stable, absorbing or discharging moisture to maintain equilibrium with it's immediate atmosphere.

Cedar Shingles, Cedar Shakes, Cedar Sales, Cedar Roofing, Timber Shingles
Durable and Termite/Insect Resistant


Cedar's natural oils make it virtually maintenance free and extremely durable in external applications. 


The natural oils protect the Cedar from weathering, decay, mould and insect/termite attacks. 


A Cedar Shake roof is very light, averaging 23kg per square metre.  Western Red Cedar is the only building material that breathes and provides an extra degree of ventilation.


Timber Shingles, Cedar Shakes, Cedar Roof, Cedar Shingles, Western Red Cedar, Cedar Cladding, Bali Hut
Cyclone & Hail Resistant

Western Red Cedar shake roofing is tested and effective against 130mph hurricane force winds (Category 3 cyclone) and demonstrates outstanding rigidity against pounding hail.



Cedar Shingles, Cedar Shakes, Cedar Roof, Cedar Cladding, Timber Shingles, Cedar Sales
Sustainable and Renewable

Western Red Cedar is the ONLY roofing product that is:


  • 100% Natural

  • Sustainable

  • Renewable

  • ZERO carbon footprint


“Western Red Cedar and other species in British Columbia forests are harvested under a sustainable yield policy which guarantees  forest regeneration and biological diversity”


“Cedar  shake and shingle production, which is virtually pollution free, is a secondary operation utilising waste residuals from British Columbia’s main logging and sawmilling industry.”


By-products from shake & shingle manufacture are used as  hog fuel & biomass.  The latter in most cases used to fuel the sawmills.


Canada is recognized as a leader in sustainable forestry initiatives and third party forest certification


—The mill Cedar Roofing source their Cedar Shakes and Shingles from is over 25 years old.  They are considered within the industry to be one of the most technologically advanced and energy  efficient mills in the world.  Those efficiencies are passed on to their clients in the form of higher quality products at affordable prices.  Cedar Roofing then are able to pass these savings on to their clients.


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