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Art Takes Many Forms

Roofing for many of us = B.O.R.I.N.G right?

Well take a look at this roof. Not the usual is it?

The conical roof shape, the swirling layered pattern of the western red cedar shakes/shingles and copper dome at the apex ALL combine to deliver an unforgettable, beautiful and highly functioning roof.

In other words this definitely has the "WOW" factor.

For me, this cedar roof is an extension of the personality of the owners and is like a giant sculpture against the horizon.

So when you are next thinking about your roofing options, step back a little and look up. Imagine what your roof will look like as you pull up the drive or walk up the street. Will it blend in with your neighbours, using standard functional materials, delivering "OK" protection?

Or will you step outside the box and look at alternative materials like Western Red Cedar with the highest of insulation, ventilation and acoustic ratings that will reduce your home's carbon footprint (not to mention electricity bill, without the need for high maintenance solar panels).

By the way not everything this beautiful is high maintenance.

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