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Heritage Works - Western Red Cedar & Slate


Our attention to detail and high level of finishing and craftsmanship ensures that both the historical credibility of the buildings and their structural ingegrity are maintained for future generations to appreciate.


Below are images of our Heritage roof restoration for both Western Red Cedar and Slate.


Site locations are:  

  • Port MacQuarie Court House, NSW, Binna Burra Mountain Lodge, QLD - Cedar

  • Otahuna Lodge and Arts Centre, both Canterbury, New Zealand - Slate

Old Courthouse Port Macquarie
Completed Roof Restoration
Historic Courthouse Port Macquarie
NSW Historic Courthouse
Gable End Historic Courthouse, NSW
Western Red Cedar Roof Restoration
Straight Gable Roof
Binna Burra Mountain Lodge, QLD
World Heritage Listed-Binna BurraQLD
Otahuna Lodge,Canterbury,New Zealand
Otahuna Lodge, New Zealand
Reclaiming Slate
Arts Centre, Canterbury, New Zealand
Arts Centre & Court Theatre, NZ
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