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• Heat Reflective

White colour results in a heat reflective index of 70% and

retains a high proportion of this through its service life due

the colour fastness and retention of the membrane.

• No Toxic Emissions

The TPO membrane system is chlorine-free, non-halogenated and plasticizer-free formulation and in combination with the hot-air welded seaming method produce no emissions harmful to the environment.

• Bacteria Propagation Resistant

The TPO membrane exhibits excellent resistance to the

propagation of discolouring bacteria that reduces the heat

reflectivity and energy efficiency.

• Low Carbon Footprint

The TPO membrane can also be easily recycled and has

a lower production footprint than comparable systems.





Roofing Membranes, Butynol, Green Roof, eco-friendly roofing, waterproofing, tanking, TPO membrane
Green Roof, Roofing Membranes, Skylights, Butynol, Environmental Roofing, Eco-friendly roofing
Ecological Benefits of Green Roof system:


  • Reduction of the urban heat island effect
    - prevent reflection of heat into the surrounding atmosphere.

  • Plant transpiration
    - resulting in cooling the atmosphere.

  • Reduction of energy costs

  • Excellent natural insulation properties
    - keep the cold out in winter and the heat out in summer.

  • Storm water management
    - through water retention and increased evaporation.

  • New habitats for plants & animals

  • Green roofs create a natural habitat for local wildlife.

  • Improved air quality
    - purification of the air by filtering dusts and pollutants and converting CO2 into oxygen.

  • Reduction of noise pollution
    Excellent sound insulators reducing the noise pollution



Green Roof, Roofing Membranes, TPO, Waterproofing, Butynol, tanking, eco-friendly roof, environmental roofing
The TPO membranes Cedar Roofing use have successfully passed the FLL test for root penetration resistance in green roofs.
It is an ideal membrane for combination with extensive green roof systems using lightweight and low maintenance sedum vegetation.

Green Roofing & Roofing Membranes


Cedar Roofing recognise that our clients require alternative and environmentally friendly roofing material options.


For many years all over the world there have been various types of "Green Roofs" and as we all become more "environmentally aware" their popularity is on the rise.


Essential to the success and viability of a green roof and the long term integrity of the roofing structure and building is to ensure there is a quality waterproofing solution in place and installed correctly.


Cedar Roofing are fully licensed to supply and install the necessary components for all the facets of your next Green Roof or Roofing Membrane, including internal gutters and butynol.


Our supplier is "committed in providing waterproofing solutions of outstanding quality and optimal environmental friendliness."


Some of the many benefits of our supplier's eco-friendly TPO membrane product, range from "heat reflectivity and energy efficiency to green roofing systems."
Green roofing, roofing membranes, butynol, eco-friendly roofing, environmental roofing, TPO

NB: Images and information on Green Roofing courtesy of ARDEX Australia.

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