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Pool Cabanas, Garden Gazebos, Outdoor Living, Bali Huts, Garden Retreats



Based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Cedar Roofing can provide you with a premium quality roof that will stay where it is meant to, not all over the neighbourhood, in your pool, your food/drink...


With a life expectancy of 20 + years, minimal maintenance and a fabulous natural beauty, a Western Red Cedar shake roof is the ideal choice to maximise your relaxtion time and outdoor living.


Below is a selection of a few different roof styles as a guide for you.


So upstyle your Bali Hut or other outdoor living space now and enjoy your leisure time.  No matter if  you're on the Sunshine Coast or South Australia, we have the quality Western Red Cedar for you!

Western Red Cedar, Shakes, Cedar Shingles, Bali Hut, Pool Cabana, Gazebo, Outdoor Living
Pool & Spa Cabana - x4 Hip

Classic understated elegance is enhanced using Western Red Cedar Shakes on this traditional four hip roof and ridge.  A very popular and timeless choice.

Western Red Cedar, Cedar Shakes, Cedar Shingles, Bali Hut,Pool Cabana, Outdoor Living, Pool Landscape, Spa area
Pool Cabana - x4 Hip 

Again a classic roof design particularly around pool and spa areas, with the four hips converging into the apex.

Western Red Cedar, Cedar Shake, Cedar Shingles, Bali Hut, Pool Hut, Pool Cabana, Outdoor living, Spa Hut, Gazebo, Timber shingles
Pool Cabana - Ship's Gable

A nautical twist on the standard Straight Gable roof design which adds an extra element of interest.

Western Red Cedar, Cedar Shakes, Cedar Shingles, Outdoor entertaining, outdoor living, Pool Cabana, Gazebo, Shade structures
Pool & Tennis Cabana - Straight Gable

Once again a classic roof design that has been tried and tested endlessly.  The use of Cedar Shakes on the roof provide the extra "VA VA VOOM" this roof needs!

Western Red Cedar, Cedar Shakes, Cedar Shingles, Garden Gazebo, Pool Cabana, Bali Hut, Outdoor living, Outdoor Entertaining
Pool Cabana - Dutch Gable

A more intricate take on the gable roof ensures added areas of visual interest.

Western Red Cedar, Cedar Shakes, Cedar Shingles, Garden Gazebo, Pool Cabana, Bali Hut, Shade Structure, Outdoor Living, Outdoor Entertaining
Garden Gazebo - Hexagonal

Found in many gardens throughout the world, the Hexagonal Garden Gazebo - now with Western Red Cedar Shakes, blends magnificently with the garden surrounds and adds an element of sophistication to your relaxation.

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