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Some of the more commonly asked questions about Cedar Shakes and Shingles


If you have a question you would like us to answer that is NOT covered here, please contact us and we will do our best to provide you with the correct information for your specific situation.


What is a Shake?


A Shake is a cut of wood used primarily for roofing and/or cladding.

A Shingle is also a cut of wood used primarily for roofing and/or cladding.


What is the difference between a Shake and a Shingle?

Shakes usually taper-sawn, that is 11mm thick at the butt, occur in varying widths, of relatively smooth appearance

  • Several different cuts available, e.g Hand-split ReSawn = Rustic, Tapersawn = Smooth appearance

  • Butt thickness ranges from 12mm to 25mm

  • Only one cut available ie; Tapersawn = Smooth appearance

  • Butt thickness = 10 - 12.5mm

  • Different end finish available e.g round, diamond

NB: Tapersawn Shakes are similar in appearance to a Shingle, with the butt thickness being the most noticeable difference. 


Why have my Shingles curled up?


Shingles tend to "curl up" (thermal cup) in climatic conditions due to several factors:

  • Incorrect installation e.g poor ventilation

  • Wood naturally expands and contracts with the level of moisture.  The 11mm butt thickness doesn't seem to handle the extreme temperatures we can get in Australia and so "thermal cupping" occurs.  The added thickness in the butt of a Shake guards against thermal cupping.


How long will a Shake Roof last?


Many factors influence the longevity of your Cedar Shake roof i.e

  • climate e.g hot & dry, high humidity, high rainfall

  • location e.g coastal, inland, bush

  • correct installation e.g use of correct fasteners, insulation and other roofing/cladding components & techniques

  • correct "cut" of Cedar Shake for your location, climate and use


If all of the above are considered your Cedar Roof should last anywhere from 20 years PLUS!


Do your Cedar Shakes come with a Warranty?

YES - Our Mill offers a 40 year warranty on our Premium Grade Western Red Cedar Shakes. As with everything, Terms and Conditions apply!


What do you fix the Cedar Shakes with?

Cedar Roofing only use quality Stainless Steel to fix our Premium Grade Western Red Cedar Shakes.


How do I maintain my Cedar Roof?

Minimal maintenance is required to keep your Cedar Roof looking fantastic, but for a few tips head to Cedar Care

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