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Aquarius Backpackers - Byron Bay, NSW
A wonderful curved and undulating roof that had well passed it's "use by date" after over twenty years exposure to the coastal climate in Byron Bay.
In addtion to stripping the old wooden roof, and installing the new Western Red Cedar Shake roof, Cedar Roofing also fabricated the custom made flashings that were required to ensure total roof integrity.


Cedar Roofing were proud to be engaged to re-roof this unique roof and restore it to it's original glory.

Brisbane Pool House/Cabana, QLD

Originally clad in iron, and then thatch, clients really wanted a roofing product that was going to give them not only longevity and durability but also add that element of "luxe" and beauty to their already gorgeous pool area.


ENTER... CEDAR ROOFING and premium grade Western Red Cedar shakes.

Clients are very happy with their upgraded pool and outdoor area and now have resort style living all year round.

Cedar Roofing Logo
Cedar Roofing Logo
Coolum Seaside Resort, QLD

Cedar roofing were approached by the resident Managers to re-roof the Entertainment Area for their 5 Star Resort.


The original roof had been an excellent example of using the "wrong cut in the wrong location" combined with inadequate craftmanship.  Unfortunately for the Coolum Seaside Resort, their roof that should have lasted in excess of 20 years, barely made 6 years before failing.


Re-roof was completed using premium grade Western Red Cedar CCA treated Shakes.  Fixings used were appropriate for the coastal location and custom-made flashings were fabricated and installed by Cedar Roofing.

Historic Courthouse, Port Macquarie, NSW

Cedar Roofing  successfully tendered for the privilege of restoring the roof on the Historic Courthouse in Port Macquarie.


A special order of Handsplit "Heavies" was supplied by our market in Canada in order to replicate as closely as possible the original wooden roof.


Strong communication between the Macquarie Hastings Council representatives and Cedar Roofing ensured that all works were completed well within the alotted time-frame and to an exacting standard.


Existing metal ridge and hip capping was re-used.


All works were approved and inspected by the relevant historic entities as well as Macquarie Hastings Council representatives.

Cedar Shingles, Cedar Shakes, Timber Shingles, Western Red Cedar, Cedar Roofing, Cedar Cladding, Bali Huts