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Wood for the Trees

With everyone now "connected" via various forms of technology it's very hard to find somewhere to "disconnect".

So just because of that difficulty, I'm not actually going to tell you where this photo is taken. Some will know, but please, keep it to yourself.

Time seems to stand still.

It is one of those rare places where you can really listen to the silence.

Surrounded by native forest, mountains, crystal clear (and very chiilly) rivers and virtually "people free" coastline, it makes you realise just how BIG nature is and how small we are. But WHAT an impact we have on our environment ...

This is an area that almost 30 years ago was declared "World Heritage". On the face of it a fantastic move that has to date preserved virgin forests for future generations.

But the "silence" used to be filled with native birdsong. Now it is a rare treat to hear (and see) the call of a tui, bellbird, fantail, wood pigeon. Shouldn't protection of the forests have ensured population increases in these "locals"?

Isn't selective culling of destructive animals far more preferable than a blanket slaughter of all?

Are there not more "environmentally friendly" and sustainable ways to preserve the natural beauty of this land than to perform aerial drops of the extremely toxic 1080 poison? A poison (so I'm told) that is not used anywhere else in the world because of it's deadly toxicity to many lifeforms.

Not a great look for a country that prides itself on being "clean and green".

I for one am truly grateful that I am still able to return to this beautiful place and to share it with my children. I just hope that those that have been entrusted as it's caretakers realise that breaking links in the eco-system can cause it all to disappear, sooner than we think.

And for those of us that live in the cities and towns and don't believe this affects you because it isn't right next to you ... wrong. When nature is out of balance it affects everyone.

Looking at the bush the old adage "can't see the wood for the trees" comes to mind.

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